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    Audiobook Pop! develops themed and curated audiobook apps for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices. We make it easy, hassle free and affordable to listen to quality audiobooks on the go. Only the best narrators from Librivox are chosen for Audiobook Pop! audiobooks. Road trips, waiting rooms, carpool – any time is a great time to listen to classic books.

    As long as there is a Wi-Fi connection or 3G/4G/EDGE, Audiobook Pop! apps will work on your Android device as well as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

    Install an Audiobook Pop! app on your device through the iTunes App Store, Google Play! or Amazon Android App Store. The app will open on the Home screen where you can search by age (in kids-themed apps), narrator (in adult themed apps), title, author and duration. You could also type in a keyword. After your initial input, a list of books will appear. When you click on the book of your choice, it will begin playing and the tracks will be downloaded to your device as you listen.

    If you haven’t yet chosen a book, the Now Playing screen will be empty. Select a book from My Library or Home and it will automatically begin playing in the Now Playing screen.

    In order to deliver an uninterrupted playback of the audiobook, Audiobook Pop! apps store the media on your device, eliminating potential network issues that would affect the steady playback. When you are done with the audiobook, you can go to My Library to delete it.

    Audiobook Pop! apps are available for the iOS and Android platforms. The apps were tested on and developed for iOS version 4.3 and above as well as Android version 2.2 and above.

    Yes, you can do a search or browse our list of audiobooks while you are listening to another.

    To pause a book, press the pause button at the bottom center of the player in the Now Playing screen. When a book is paused, the pause button will turn into a play button. Press this play button when you are ready to resume listening.
    Our apps support touch gestures; Tap anywhere in the screen and the audiobook will pause. Tap again and the audiobook will resume playing.

    The horizontal bar at the bottom of the Now Playing screen controls the volume. Drag the square on the bar to the left or right, or use your mobile device to set the volume. Volume can only go as high as the current volume settings on your device allow. Change the volume settings on your device to enable Audiobook Pop! apps to play at a greater volume.
    You could also swipe upward, anywhere on the screen to increase the volume. Swipe down to lower the volume.

    My Library consists of all of the books that you have selected up to that point. Once an audiobook is selected, it will automatically appear in My Library and the media will be downloaded to your device.

    As soon as you select an audiobook by clicking on its name, it will begin to download to your device and will automatically be added to My Library.

    You can add as many books as Audiobook Pop! apps offer OR as much storage space as your device will allow. Remember to keep tabs on how much space you have on your device so that it doesn’t get overloaded.

    Go to My Library and press the Edit button in the upper right hand corner. The Edit button will turn into a Delete button. Then press the red circle with the x symbol that appears to the right of the book you want to remove, then press Delete.

    Any book that you have listened to will be in My Library, unless you delete it. Any book that you listen to automatically downloads to your device.

    Touch the Now Playing button. Toward the bottom right of the screen, you will see two arrows pointed to the right. Touch these arrows for as many tracks as you want to skip. Be patient with your device as it loads the next track.
    You could also swipe anywhere on the screen to the right with your finger. To go back a track, swipe to the left.

    If you close the Audiobook Pop! application while playing a book, it will remember where you stopped listening. The next time you select that audiobook, it will pick up right where you left off. If you pause the book before you quit the app, it will remember where you were in the book, next time you listen.
    If you turn Auto Resume Player in Settings to ON, the book will automatically begin where you left off as soon as you reopen the app.
    If you go to My Library, the books are listed in the order in which you most recently listened.

    If you have Multi-tasking capabilities on your device and you switch to another non-voice application without closing Audiobook Pop! app, the audiobook will play in the background.

    If you get a phone call, the app will pause and then resume playing when the incoming call ends.

    In order for your selection to resume when you launch the application, you need go to the Settings section and turn Auto Resume Player to ON. The default is OFF. If Auto Resume Player is ON when you reopen the application, the book that was playing when you closed will restart automatically.

    Fast forward navigation lets you forward to the next track only if the chapter has already downloaded to your device. Depending on your Wi-Fi connection, it might take a few moments.

    Yes, Audiobook Pop! apps supports the following touch gestures:

    • To pause an audiobook, tap the screen
    • To play an audiobook that has been paused, tap the screen (again)
    • To move to the next track, swipe your finger to the right
    • To move to the previous track, swipe your finger to the left
    • To increase volume, swipe your finger up
    • To lower volume, swipe your finger down.

    If the network connection is disrupted or if you have low or bad reception, the Now Playing tracks will show this error. Please check your mobile device connection settings to make sure you have network connection.

    If you search for content you want on Audiobook Pop! apps and find that we don’t carry it, feel free to put in a request. Please remember that all of our content comes from LibriVox – so if it’s not there, we won’t have it either. Send us an email or use the Support / Feedback feature of the application in Settings.

    Touch the Home button located on the navigation bar. In the search field on the home screen, input either the title or keywords associated with the content. You can also filter via the buttons on the Home screen.

    For iOS users:

    • On your device, double tap the Home button to bring up the Multitasking bar
    • Press and hold anywhere on the multitasking bar until the icons on it start to wiggle.
    • While they are wiggling, each icon has a Minus sign symbol above it.
    • Press the Minus symbol above any app to close it down.

    For Android users:

    • Press the menu button on your device (usually, three vertical dots)
    • A Quit button will appear. Touch the button.

    If the app is not working properly (not streaming, not downloading, not responding), try the following:

    • Make sure network/wifi connections are working.
    • Close the app and remove from background.
    • If the above does not work – Delete the app and reinstall it.
    • If you still have issues, please send us a message. We want to make it better.

    Please, let us know about any problems that you’re having. Send us a message or use the Support / Feedback feature in Settings. We promise to respond quickly.

    There are two ways to listen in your car: First, you could plug your device into an auxiliary cable (example) and then insert the cable to your auxiliary outlet. Secondly, you could pair your device with your in-car Bluetooth device (see here).

    Select the audiobooks you want to listen to on your trip and start to play them in Now Playing. Once the device completes the download of the currently playing audiobook, you will see the words, “Download Complete.” Select the next audiobook to download and repeat.

    At LibriVox, volunteers record public domain books into digital audio, and then make the audio files available to the world (through their catalog and podcasts). Audiobook Pop! donates a portion of the profits to LibriVox to keep the website and mission alive.